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We have all experienced a slow computer before. Most people just think that their computer is getting old or their internet is slow and that there is nothing they can do about it. In most cases the cause of a slow computer is just that the memory is just cluttered and the hard drive is unorganized. Instead of paying a computer repair shop $100 to speed up your computer you can fix it yourself with programs that are available for download right off the internet.

Play those old game system games from the 80s and 90s
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Download videos and extract the music from Youtube in HD
Download Youtube videos to your computer and also
Convert a Youtube music videos into an music only MP3 files and download them to your computer!
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Free software (also know as freeware) is all over the internet nowadays. The problem is that most of it is junk, doesn't work or even contain viruses! We sorted through all of that to bring you the top free programs that are available on the internet.

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